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1. Read the instructions or receive advice from manufacturers in order to understand the proper use of batteries;
2. Load battery positive and negative correctly in electric apparatus in accordance with the instructions;
3. Prohibit mixing the old and new batteries or different types, models of batteries;
4. Prohibit recharging to a one-time charge battery;
5. Prohibit heating or dismantling batteries, the batteries can not be launched in water, fire;
6. Prohibit short-circuit the battery to prevent exploding, leaking or causing other dangerous;
7. Please stop using the battery immediately if it is abnormal, such as: pungent, leaking, casing ruptured, deformation, etc;
8. Place the battery on somewhere that children touch difficultly;
9, Rinsing immediately if the battery leak and enter the eyes inadvertently, even see a doctor when serious;
10. Batteries should be removed from the appliances to dry and cool place when long-term non-use of electrical appliances.

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